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The Current State of Florida’s Economy: When Will It Recover?
by Todd DeLong, AICP and Owen Beitsch, FAICP

Florida’s Governor Scott proclaimed an objective of creating 700,000 jobs in seven years. Since 2010, more than 320,000 new jobs have become available with the pace speeding up during the last 12 months when 140,000 jobs were added. For approximately 20 consecutive months, there have been net gains in the state’s job counts.
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Effort to boost Silver Springs community gains momentum

Marion County, FL. - On Tuesday, the County Commission pushed to restore some of the lost luster in the community around Silver Springs. The board unanimously launched an effort to create a community redevelopment area, or CRA. CRAs are zones where the property tax base is frozen in a given year and any subsequent increases in those tax revenues within the area are plowed back into the district to revitalize it economically.

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RERC Conducts Analysis for Proposed Retail and Entertainment Development near I-70 Interchange

Kansas City, MO.– Real Estate Research Consultants, Inc., A GAI Company (RERC) has been retained by the City of Grain Valley, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri to conduct an analysis of tax revenue generated by a proposed retail and entertainment development. The project, which is located within a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District adjacent to an I-70 interchange, will be expanded and improved over the next year. Planned uses for the site include a movie theater, restaurants, and retail space. This is the first project within the TIF District, which may add three more retail and entertainment developments to corners of the interchange. RERC will estimate the property and sales taxes generated by this development—revenue from these sources may ultimately be used to support a bond issue by the City of Grain Valley.

Real Estate Research Consultants, Inc. (RERC) Acquired by National Engineering Firm
GAI Consultants Broadens Services with Orlando-Based RERC

Orlando, FL. – GAI Consultants, Inc. (GAI) – a national engineering and environmental consulting firm – announced it has acquired Real Estate Research Consultants, Inc. (RERC) of Orlando, FL to broaden GAI’s services to its existing clients. RERC provides real estate and economic advisory services to public, institutional and private clients throughout the United States who have complex community development issues or substantial real estate property holdings.

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County agrees to begin redevelopment of Silver Springs area

Marion County commissioners on Tuesday embraced a plan to reverse the decline in quality in Silver Springs — the community, that is. At a workshop, the board agreed to launch the process of creating a redevelopment district covering 4,000 acres around the famous attraction. The effort to establish a community redevelopment area, or CRA, for the Silver Springs area would primarily focus on improving the infrastructure around the local commercial sector.

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Sand Lake Commuter Rail Station in Advanced Planning

Along with AECOM, RERC has been asked to study the planning and economic issues associated with the development of the Sand Lake commuter rail station. This station constitutes the last stop of the initial phase of Sun Rail which will ultimately run from Debary to Poinciana along the old CSX rail corridor. The Sand Lake station, envisioned as a link with high speed rail, may offer opportunities for related development that is not possible at other stations due to their size or locations.

Southwest Florida International Airport Real Estate Holdings

RERC serves as real estate advisor and strategist to the Lee County Port Authority (LCPA) and its assets at Southwest Florida International and Page Field Airports.  Combined, the Port Authority’s land holdings comprise more than 7,000 acres, including a 28-gate international airport complex that is currently the 54th busiest airport in North America.  RERC has conducted market analyses and a long term land use needs analysis for a comprehensive plan amendment to create a mixed use commercial airport support district on the 800-acre former passenger terminal site.  RERC is evaluating highest and best use options for the property and developing implementation strategies for the Port Authority to optimize returns on its assets while making strategic infrastructure investments for the future.

USSSA Seeks to Enhance its Presence in Florida

Osceola County recently announced its intention to support development of a new athletic complex that would be operated by USSSA. RERC has been retained by investors to evaluate the facility’s impacts on jobs, tax collections, and related development should the facility be implemented according to the specifications of USSSA. A minimum of 200,000 hotel room nights could be generated by competitions, training, and other events at the sports complex according to information made available by USSSA.

Florida Development Association Expands Certification Program

The Florida Redevelopment Association recently launched its certification program for manager’s of the state’s many community redevelopment areas. The certification is available after completion of classes totaling a specified number of hours and periodic testing. In conjunction with the University of Central Florida’s Institute of Government, RERC was selected to prepare course materials, instructional outlines, lecture notes, and tests for two of the courses focusing on the use of incentives and capacity building.

Orlando Health SODO

The downtown campus of Orlando Health is among the largest hospitals in Florida. Its current master plan envisions almost one billion dollars in new facilities that would be located on this campus and in nearby areas. Working with other consultants, RERC, has estimated the spin-off impacts of these activities, specifically looking at supportive investments from the private sector, additional employment growth beyond hospital needs, annual payrolls, and public revenues generated by construction and operations. The results of these initiatives have encouraged public participation for certain critical infrastructure and advanced the creation of a special district for coordinating improvement activities in the broader area.

UCF and Rollins College Now Offer Two Advanced Planning Programs

RERC is pleased to announce the availability of two advanced planning programs offered by the University of Central Florida (UCF) and Rollins College respectively. The new programs reflect both the importance of planning education and the role of this region in responding to emergent trends in the built environment. Both programs expect to be accepting students soon. Owen Beitsch, PhD, one of the firm’s principals, is on the advisory board of the UCF program and serves as faculty to the department.

RERC Retained by UCF

RERC was retained by the University of Central Florida's Office of Research and Commercialization to evaluate the real estate and financial aspects of the proposed building donation. After conducting an engineering survey of the 100,000 square-foot building and exploring the options available to UCF for effective utilization of the manufacturing facility and attached office space, RERC recommended that the university accept the donation with a few minor adjustments to the financial elements of the deal terms.
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Principal of RERC Elected to AICP College of Fellows

RERC is pleased to announce that Owen Beitsch, PhD, one of the firm’s principals, was recently elected to the College of Fellows by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a professional planner. He joins about 375 other individuals nationwide who have been elected to the College since it was founded. He is one of only three individuals recognized in Florida during the current year for his accomplishments in professional practice.
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Impacts of Burnham Institute on Seminole County

RERC recently completed an analysis of Seminole Way as a high-tech corridor that will benefit from the ecconomic engine developing at Lake Nona.

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(Reproduced with permission of Success in Seminole Magazine.)

RERC to Analyze UCF Research Impacts

RERC recently was retained by the Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) and the University of Central Florida Office for Research and Commercialization...

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Bowling Green Daily News

More opt for renting than owning homes in BG...

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75-Unit Affordable Housing Project Planned for Downtown Bradenton, Florida

RERC prepares request for proposal for the Bradenton Downtown Development Authority that attracts qualified multi-family developers to downtown site.

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Publications, Reports and Presentations


The Current State of Florida’s Economy: When Will It Recover?
by Todd DeLong, AICP and Owen Beitsch, FAICP

Florida’s Governor Scott proclaimed an objective of creating 700,000 jobs in seven years. Since 2010, more than 320,000 new jobs have become available with the pace speeding up during the last 12 months when 140,000 jobs were added. For approximately 20 consecutive months, there have been net gains in the state’s job counts.
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After the Recession: Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and the Next 5,000 Days
by Owen Beitsch, PH.D., CRE, FAICP

To date, what has been written about the real estate industry and its association with the current recession has centered primarily on the flow of capital and its impact on yields, lending practices and the valuation of real estate.1,2,3,4,5 Accordingly, on Aug. 3, 2010, Jay Marling, editor in chief of The Counselor, solicited opinions of The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) membership via email regarding current United States fiscal policy, unemployment,
the current availability of real estate financing, pricing, and cap rates.
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Village West Issues $150,000,000 for its Redevelopment

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City received approximately $150,000,000 in bond proceeds to support continued development of Village West, the region’s largest destination entertainment complex. RERC supported the City and the underwriting team in this transaction by estimating prospective sales taxes generated within Village West that will support the project’s debt service. The Village West project area includes the Kansas City Speedway (KCS), Cabela’s Sporting Goods, a multiplex cinema, restaurants, Nebraska Furniture Mart, several hotels, a minor league baseball field, and professional soccer stadium for the Kansas City Wizards. The soccer facility, which will seat 18,000 people, is one of the few in the country designed exclusively to accommodate the sport. The investor presentation coordinated by Citi is available for viewing.
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NOT IN OUR BACKYARD. Plans, planners, regulators and others thwart affordable housing.

By Owen Beitsch, PhD, AICP, CRE

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Property taxation, rhetoric, and reality in Florida. The unchanged burden.

by Owen Beitsch, PhD, AICP, CRE

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The Great Depression II?

Robin Wells contributes annually to News & Views - A Quarterly Publication of Central Florida Builders' Exchange

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And how will Florida's counties grow?

Presentation to the Florida Redevelopment Association Central Florida Regional Conference in June 2009

By Owen Beitsch, PhD, AICP, CRE

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